+ What kind of music do you play on Weddings and Other Functions?

+ What kind of background music do you play during the dinner?

+ How do I make a booking?

+ What is your minimum amount of time you will DJ for?

+ Can you do the sound and music in the chapel or church?

+ What time do you arrive at the venue?

+ Where are you based?

+ What do you need in the chapel?

+ How loud do you play?

+ What do you need at the venue?

+ Can we give a long list of music we want played?

+ We also want to give you CD's that you must play. May we and when must we give them?

+ Do we have to seat the DJ's with the guests or on their own table?

+ Do we have to provide him with food and drinks?

+ Can the guests ask for requests to be played?

+ Do you disturb the groom with sounds and vulgar stuff during his speech?

+ Is it possible for somebody to sing with your microphone?

+ Do you take any breaks?

+ What do the DJ\'s wear?

+ In what area do DJ Zone work in?

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